I don't actually know where to start or why am I doing this. But technically I know why I am here...  I don't actually open up to anyone, but things are getting heavier, so I ended up here. I mean why not? I am suffering from anxiety and depression. You see, people who don't suffer in this kind of condition or these horrible monsters at the back of your head will not really understand what it really is and how it really feels like. I myself who's battling with this shits can't even explain why? or how? Even if I wanted to explain it, I can't make it simpler. There's no exact word to describe it. I don't even know when it started.. It's a total disaster. In many situations people will ask you like, "Why are you sad?"   - at the back of my mind I will answer, I don't know. Because I really don't know God d*mn it! I don't know what's making me sad, does it has to do with things? with certain situations? or with c
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